I Love You Poems

Use our I Love You Poems to tell that special one how much you really love them.

Saying I love you everyday is great, but break the routine a little with one of our poems. We hope you enjoy our I love you poetry.

Why I Love You

Why do you love me, you always ask,
Are things ok, are we moving to fast.
Why do I love you, if you must know,
Well let me get started, ready set go.

I love the way you smile,
When things don't go your way.
Like when you oversleep,
And have a bad hair day.

I love you when your angry,
It's the look on your face.
Even when we're in public,
Not the right time or place.

I love you when your sleeping.
Yes even when you snore.
And the way you pace back and forth
When you can't decide for sure.

Why do I love you,
Try and Understand.
The answer is easy,
It's Because I can!

By Danny Shaw

Prove I love You

I don't know why,
But I always feel,
To prove my love,
Is oh what a thrill.

You know I like a challenge,
And I never back down.
So I will Prove I Love You,
To get rid of that frown.

Remember that first gift.
When I gave it to you.
You were so surprised and said,
I made your dreams come true.

But Material things,
Are not the way
It's the little things,
I do for you day after day.

To Prove I love you,
I don't even know where to start.
But everything I do for you,
comes straight from my heart.

I can't express in words,
How to Prove I love You.
After all words are just words,
That's not what I do.

By Danny Shaw

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