Anniversary Love Poems

Make this anniversary special with one of our anniversary love poems. Anniversaries only come once a year, so make every year special. Enjoy!

Anniversary Again

It's our anniversary again,
I hope you're prepared.
Reminisce about the good times,
And great moments that we've shared.

There are more to come,
Our future looks bright.
Today is our day,
Let's enjoy it all morning and night.

By Danny Shaw

Perfect Gift

Our anniversary only comes once a year.
I always get nervous when this day is near.
Because to find the perfect gift, is a difficult task.
Something meaningful and beautiful, something that will last.

Anything less would be a waste of time,
So I look for a gift that is devine.
Once I find it, I will present it to you,
I hope you like it, I hope it will do.

As important as this day is,
I want you to know.
Everyday is an adventure,
And I love you so.

By Danny Shaw

The next anniversary love poem is complete with a trip somewhere you and your loved one have always wanted to go.

Pack Your Bags

You're like a fine wine,
That gets better with age.
Or a good book,
More interesting with a flip of the page.

In order to make this anniversary,
Something you'll never forget.
This year I want to do,
What we've talked about since we first met.

So pack your bags,
And get ready to go.
We should have done this,
A long time ago.

By Danny Shaw

Next is a funny love poem.

We Survived

Another year together,
We both survived.
You don't hate me,
And I am still alive.

I know it wasn't easy,
Putting up with me.
Sometimes I am stubborn,
And refuse to see.

But one thing for certain,
I'm a lucky man/woman.
I've known that since,
The first time you held my hand.

By Danny Shaw

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