Most Beautiful Love Poems

These beautiful love poems are perfect to capture the heart of your love one. All purpose poems for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Enjoy!

Makeup & Beauty

Your beauty is difficult to describe.
On your worst day, tis hard to hide.
In the morning you rush to put on makeup,
Hoping you'll be finished before I wakeup.

No need to rush, just take your time.
I'm happy just knowing, you are mine.
Though you don't need it, I appreciate,
You put it on as if it's our first date.

I am so lucky, you love me that much,
As you finish your makeup, the final touch.
After all your hard work I cannot resist.
Messing up your makeup, with a passionate kiss.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is complete with a surprise.

Come to Me

Come to me,
In the middle of the night.
We'll make beautiful love,
A love that's just right.

Come to me as you came,
A thousand times before.
I can't get enough,
Always wanting more.

Come to me my love,
You won't believe your eyes.
For you I have,
A wonderful surprise.

By Danny Shaw

For You I Will Love

For you I will love,
With all of my heart.
Through good times and bad,
Nothing can pull us apart.

For you I will love,
When no one else will.
If the world should end,
And time stood still.

For you I will love,
When mountains would fall.
For you I will love,
More than anything at all.

For you I will love,
Until the very end.
For you I will love,
My life partner & best friend.

By Danny Shaw

This next short beautiful love poem is perfect to hint to someone that you're thinking about marriage. Not a proposal, but just a hint to see if they feel the same way.

Beautiful Sunrise

As we gaze into a beautiful sunrise,
I see the happiness in your smile.
At this moment I did visualize,
Walking with you down the aisle.

I have to say it made me think,
Of how happy we would be.
I have to ask, are our hearts in sync?
Do you feel the same as me?

By Danny Shaw

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