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Message In A Bottle  starstarstarstarstar
The words placed in this bottle, Are written from my heart Whoever that does find it Will you please take part. What shore did it alight on What beach

I AM MISSING YOU...!!!  starstarstarstarstar
Why can't I speak when there is alot to tell ? But there is no one to hear even if I yell !! Why can't I write when there are many things in my mind

The Day Without Your Sight...  starstarstarstarstar
I dont know today how will my day pass without your sight. I dont know how will the day come to an end and with my heart I fight. I dont know how will

The Way that I Feel  starstarstarstarstar
The way that I feel cannot be described And can only be seen within my eyes To me she is beautiful, angelic and radiant

My Little Candle Flame ( from a daughter to her mother)  starstarstarstar
My Little Candle Flame (From a Daughter to her Mother on Mothering Sunday) My little candle flame so soft and sweet, My little candle flame gently quivers

You Took a Part of Me  starstarstarstar
Standing there in the dim light You appeared and shook my might looked right through me with those grassy eyes No words to describe but it was love at

A Dream  starstarstarstar
I see you and me. we are the dream attendees. from land to land. we are hand in hand. Walking on a beach a kiss, on the cheek, is just in reach. you begin

INSANE  starstarstarstar
I am not weak nor I am acting kiddish anyhow. But i don't know why small small things related to you make me cry now. I'll suffer, I'll wait. No matter

Some We Love  starstarstarstar
At one time, she was mine, i use to think, shes so damn fine, why i love her, i don't know, i wish deep down, i could let her go, why'd she do this,

You're Worth It  starstarstarstar
This will be the most honest thing I'll ever do I'll tell you exactly how I feel,what I'm going through In no way Am I trying to break up with you I just

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