Happy Birthday Poems for Friends

What better way to say Happy Birthday than our Birthday Poems for friends. These rhyming poems are funny and meaningful.

Birthdays only come around once a year. It's a time to make your friends feel special. You should do this every day, but especially on their birthday.

Use one of our birthday poems for friends to show them you care or write your own. Enjoy!

Time to Unwind

It's your birthday, time to unwind.
Where do you wanna go? Make up your mind.
After all today is all about you.
So I am down for whatever you want to do.

I'll tell some bad jokes, reminisce about the past.
But for you to have fun, that's all that I ask.
Your last birthday was good, but this one will be great.
If we go now we don't have to stay out late.

Please understand no is not an answer,
Unless you have a date with an exotic dancer.
Lets get going, it's only once a year,
First round is on me, I'll buy you a beer.

By Danny Shaw

Gift That Keeps Giving

A special birthday gift,
I have for you my friend,
And don't you worry,
About how much I did spend.

A gift that keeps giving,
For years to come.
I hope you like it,
I didn't want to be a bum.

It's my friendship!

By Danny Shaw

One Thing Left to Do

You're truly a great friend,
So today on your birthday.
I have something special,
You need to hear me say.

We spend so much time together,
It feels like we are family.
I feel like I'm your brother/sister,
And I know sometimes I make you angry.

But it's because of my feelings,
I try and look out for you.
So on this special day,
There's one thing left to do.

After you blow out your candles,
A birthday wish you will make.
But just so you don't get fat,
I will eat your birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!

By Danny Shaw

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