Birthday Poems

Here are some Happy Birthday Poems for all occasions. Brother, Sister, Mom, Dad, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

We even have birthday poetry for 21st and 50th birthdays. The first 2 poems are all purpose. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Again

Happy Birthday again,
That special time of year.
Time to blow out the candles,
And once the smoke is clear.

Make your birthday wish,
But keep it to yourself.
If you want it to come true,
Don't tell anyone else.

Happy Birthday again,
Now don't eat to much cake.
Today is going to be a long one,
We need you to stay awake.

By Danny Shaw

Next is a short birthday poem, basically saying time flies when you are having fun so don't waste this wonderful day.

Birthday Fun

It's your birthday,
Your time to shine.
You can eat all you want,
Everything will be fine.

It's only one day,
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Time flies when you are having fun,
But don't eat to fast.

By Danny Shaw

21st Birthday Poems

21 By Law

Now you are 21,
You can drink by law.
But if you drink to much,
Don't give me a call.

Because I will be there,
Right by you side.
And both of us,
Will have to catch a ride.

By Danny Shaw

21 Years Old

A special day, 21 years old.
You pick the pub,
Once we are done there,
Will head to the club.

We will bounce around all night,
From bar to bar.
Although everyone will have fun,
We want forget who you are.

Pace yourself, don't drink to much.
Also remember not to scream and shout.
Be prepared it's going to be a long night.
We will be up til the sun comes out.

By Danny Shaw

Boyfriend Birthday Poem

You are the best boyfriend,
In the whole world.
Today on your birthday,
I'm happy to be your girl.

Didn't know what to get you,
Hope you like it anyway.
Hurry up and open your gift,
Oh and Happy Birthday.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is meant to be funny. Poetry is always a great gift, but giving a poem with a gift is sure to get a better reaction. Of course if you really don't have any money, well that's a different story.

Girlfriend Birthday Poem

My girlfriend you are,
It's your birthday.
Stating the obvious,
Cause I don't know what to say.

I am looking forward,
To kissing the cake off your face.
But if I do that,
Your mom might spray me with mace.

Anyway I hope this poem,
Gives you a lift.
I didn't have any money,
So I couldn't get you a gift.

By Danny Shaw

Brother Birthday Poem

Happy birthday bro,
Another year has passed,
Doesn't seem that long ago.

I might be a little late,
But you can bet,
I'll be there to eat some cake.

Hope you get lots of presents,
And smiles all around,
And I'll throw in my 2 cents.

By Danny Shaw

Sister Birthday Poems

For my little sister,
On this special day.
I hope you are happy,
And have a good birthday.

In the next birthday poem for your sister preparation is key. When she is getting ready to blow out the candles make sure you have a little cake icing in your hand. Give her this poem before she blows out the candles and have her read it out loud.

Happy Birthday little/big sis,
There's no way I would miss,
A chance like this.

To eat your birthday cake,
The one that mom did make.
I will share with you, make no mistake.

Blow out your candles and have no fear,
Today is your day to be full of cheer.
Oops, cake on your face I did smear.

By Danny Shaw

Mom Birthday Poem

Looks like you are one year older,
But don't you fret mom.
Today is your day,
The stage is already set.

Lots of people who love you,
Are waiting by your cake.
Lets go blow out those candles,
And a birthday wish you can make.

You can wish to be younger,
But I don't think it will come true.
Our family is all here,
Happy Birthday to you.

By Danny Shaw

Dad Birthday Poem

Every year I am grateful to call you my dad.
You've taught me many things,
To many to list here,
Another birthday together makes me so glad.

You've been hard on me sometimes,
But I know it was for my own good.
Teaching me life lessons,
Still teaching me now, even in my prime.

I hope you have a Happy Birthday,
Eat a lot of cake,
Get some presents,
I love you dad, today is your day.

By Danny Shaw

50th Birthday Poem

They say a fine wine,
Gets better with age.
Every year that passes,
Begins a new page.

You've hit the five 0,
But don't shed a tear.
Because like a fine wine,
You get better every year.

We all love you,
No need to disguise.
Even though you are 50,
It only makes you more wise.
Happy Birthday!

By Danny Shaw

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