Black Love Poems

These beautiful black love poems are romantic and sweet. Tell the story of how you feel with one of these poems. Enjoy!

Beautiful Brown Skin

Touching your body,
And your beautiful dark skin.
So smooth and soft,
It should be a sin.

If you are willing,
I'll make love to you all day.
I don't have to work,
In your arms I'll stay.

If you get tired,
And can't go anymore.
We'll take a short nap,
And make love again for sure.

By Danny Shaw

Listen to Your Heart

They say once you go black,
You never go back.
For reasons unknown,
Your feelings have grown.

No matter how hard you try,
You simply can't deny,
You're in love with me,
Just accept it, and let it be.

Make up your mind,
I won't be unkind.
Before they tear us apart,
Just listen to your heart.

By Danny Shaw

Next is a black love poem for her.

Perfect In Every Way

Lips so big, lips so red,
A kiss so soft,
For your love I bled.

Skin so smooth,
To touch it would heal,
My mind it would soothe.

Curves so fine,
The perfect body,
Makes you divine.

Eyes shining bright,
Melting my heart,
Always showing me the light.

Breasts perfectly round,
Taking my attention,
I couldn't hear a sound.

Perfect in every way,
My true love is here.
I found her today.

By Danny Shaw

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