Break Up Poems

Breaking up is never easy, but our break up poems will help you to express your feelings. Of course, if you can see the person face to face. It's better to have the courage to tell them in person.

Don't Be Sad

We've had some good times,
But lately things are bad.
I didn't want to hurt you,
So please don't be sad.

I wrote this poem,
Because I knew it wouldn't be easy.
I think we should break up,
It's best for both you and me.

By Danny Shaw

My List

I thought about,
What I love about you.
I wrote it all down,
The good & the bad too.

The list helped me,
To make up my mind.
Please understand,
I don't mean to be unkind.

I thought of everything,
I don't know what else to do.
I am really sorry,
But I am breaking up with you.

By Danny Shaw

Cold Dull Blade

I'll never forget that night,
When you broke up with me.
It was like a knife stab in the heart,
A cold dull blade, as cold as could be.

A part of me died that night,
I still feel the pain.
Every time I think about it,
The tear fall like rain.

But I will move on,
I just want you to know.
That your stupid & nieve,
For letting me go.

By Danny Shaw

Please Explain

Maybe I shouldn't ask,
But I just need to know.
What did I do,
To make you hate me so.

You don't want to talk to me,
But please explain.
I really need to know,
To get over this pain.

By Danny Shaw

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