Broken Friendship Poems

It will never be easy to end a friendship, but our broken friendship poems will help you to get through those hard times.

Friendship Ends Here

We've been friends for a long time,
So why are you acting this way?
You were happy and seemed fine,
Just the other day.

Did I do something wrong,
Was it something I said?
No matter how many times I think about it,
I cannot find the answer in my head.

Never forget this was your choice,
Our friendship ends here.
I feel sorry for you,
But I will not shed a tear.

By Danny Shaw

Great Friend to You

Friends since our childhood,
I never would have thought.
Our friendship would end like this,
As many times as we fought.

You smile and you laugh,
As if you are better than me.
The sad thing is,
That you refuse to see.

I was a great friend to you,
But now that is in the past.
I will not bother you anymore,
Me and you, these words are my last.

By Danny Shaw

Your True Colors

Secrets I shared with you,
Because I thought you were my friend.
But now your true colors come out.
Well it's time for this to end.

Manipulating me and lying.
I should have known all along.
But you will find out soon enough,
That your plan went all wrong.

Just in case you forgot,
You shared secrets with me.
When everyone knows your secrets,
Maybe then your cold heart will see.

It will make you understand,
The way that I feel.
And once the pain starts,
It takes a long time to heal.

Never would I have done this,
But a lesson you can learn.
A letter of your secrets to everyone,
Entitled to whom it may concern.

By Danny Shaw

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