Christmas Love Poems


Christmas is a joyous time of year to spend time with your loved ones, family and friends. Our Christmas Love Poems are perfect for a Christmas card or gift. Enjoy!

Best Gift Ever

Christmas is a time of year,
Everyone seems to be full of cheer.
Decorations everywhere, what a beautiful sight,
Our home glows so colorful and bright.

But best of all, our family together,
This alone is the best gift ever.
Christmas is not about what you get,
A gift you didn't want, don't you fret.

Look around you and then you'll see,
You have your family, and then there's me.
I've loved Christmas from the very start,
Not for the gifts, but for what I feel in my heart.

By Danny Shaw

The next Christmas Love Poem works perfectly with a long overdue gift for the one you love

Under the Christmas Tree

To the one I love,
On this Christmas Day.
A gift like no other,
To say I love you in every way.

I hope you like it,
Just to show my appreciation.
For loving me every day,
For your hard work and dedication.

I love you babe,
You mean everything to me.
You have waited long enough,
It's under the Christmas tree.

By Danny Shaw

Better to Give

Christmas is tomorrow,
But I just couldn't wait.
To tell you how I feel,
Before it was to late.

You are probably thinking,
Why here, why now.
I've always felt this way,
But I didn't know how.

To tell you my feelings,
Then ding I thought, it's Christmas Eve.
Just know that my love is yours,
Better to give than receive.

By Danny Shaw

Next is a funny Christmas Love Poem. You can still use it even if there wasn't a mouse. It's just saying you didn't get much sleep and you need some caffeine to get through day.

Night Before Christmas

It was the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Everyone was sleeping,
Except that stupid mouse.

Scratching and scratching,
I tried to scare it away,
But the sound kept me up,
Until Christmas day.

Don't need any gifts,
Just a fresh pot of coffee.
I love you honey,
Could you fix it for me.

By Danny Shaw

Christmas Every Day

Christmas time brings joy and love.
Family and friends is more than enough.
Everyone together all day and night.
Smiles and laughter, what a beautiful sight.

Presents and decorations set the mood.
Milk and cookies, all kinds of tasty food.
My heart melts watching the children play.
Makes me wish Christmas was every day.

By Danny Shaw

Special Christmas

Our Christmas tree is beautiful,
Filling the room with outdoor smells.
Our front door jingles when opened,
The wonderful sound of Christmas Bells.

All around people are singing,
Everywhere I go I hear a song.
When Christmas is near I catch myself,
Humming them all day long.

What I love most of all,
Might come as a surprise.
This Christmas is very special to me,
Because my love is by my side.

By Danny Shaw

We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas love poetry. Don't forget to submit your poems.

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