Cute Love Poems

Here are some Cute Love Poems that are humorous and even a little cheesy. Enjoy!

I Long For the Day

Kawaii means cute in Japanese,
So listen to what I am saying please.
Everything I do is for a reason,
Holiday or not, it doesn't matter the season.

I do the things I do,
Because I'm in love with you.
You may not even know my name,
For that I have myself to blame.

Because I'm always scared to talk,
I'm intimidated by the way you walk.
I guess I feel that you're to good for me.
So I just leave you alone and let you be.

For now this is how I will talk to you.
Because face to face I don't have a clue.
Maybe in the future I'll be able to say,
What I feel in person, I long for that day.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is a short cute love poem.

Best Lover

Loving, nice, and cute,
Are the best words for you.
To describe you personality,
And the things that you do.

Stay the way you are,
Don't ever change a thing.
For you're the best lover,
That I've ever seen.

By Danny Shaw

Smokin Hot

I was single before,
Until I met you,
And everything they say,
Seems to hold true.

Get married have kids,
And the freedom is gone,
I should've listened, paid attention,
They new all along.

Regrets, I have none,
We're 2 peas in a pot.
You're my lover and wife,
And you're still smoking hot!

By Danny Shaw

Teddy Bear

You're cute and cuddly,
Just like a Teddy Bear.
A beauty like yours,
Just simply isn't fair.

I look forward to you,
Keeping me warm at night,
The amount of love that you bring,
Isn't to much, but just right.

Our love is unconditional,
Endless and great.
Luck brought us together,
No, I think Fate.

By Danny Shaw

Best Love

I thought loving you,
Would be hard for me,
But since we've been together,
I find it's actually easy.

You were shy at first,
Which is hard to believe.
I almost gave up,
Thinking you were nieve.

Now look at us,
Together for __ Years.
Though it wasn't perfect,
And sometimes there were tears.

We made it through,
The good times and bad.
You're the best lover, (or Love)
That I've ever had.

By Danny Shaw

Words to Describe

Words to describe our love,
Sweet & Romantic come to mind.
Words to describe our love,
The words are hard to find.

Words to describe our love,
Magnificent & Great.
Words to describe our love,
Destiny & Fate.

By Danny Shaw

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