Deep Romantic Love Poems

Deep romantic love poems will capture the heart of of the one you love. Keep the romance alive with one of these poems.

In the first poem you can substitute this line. Now that you're home.

Follow the Trail

When you come home,
And open the door,
You might be surprised,
To find rose petals on the floor.

Follow the trail,
Then it splits into two.
The first stop you make,
Will give you a clue.

When you are ready,
Follow the second trail.
What it leads too,
I will never tell....

By Danny Shaw

Special Night

A special night,
For a special woman.
Who works so hard,
To please her man.

Candlelight dinner,
Is just the beginning.
So just be patient,
You will love the ending.

Stop wasting time,
And come find me.
This night is yours,
You know where I'll be.

By Danny Shaw

Romance Awaits You

Being romantic,
Is easier said than done.
But even a little romance,
Is definitely better than none.

I hope you will appreciate,
That I gave it my best.
I'm not really good at this,
In case you haven't guessed.

One things for sure,
You make my life worthwhile.
I would do almost anything,
Just to see you smile.

By the end of this night,
I hope you will agree.
Although I'm not perfect,
Our love was meant to be.

Romance is the little things,
We do for each other every day.
Actions speak louder than words,
What else can I say.

I hope you like this poem,
But it's time for it to end.
Love and romance awaits you,
Let the fun begin.

By Danny Shaw

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