Falling In Love Poems

Our falling in love poems with capture the heart of the one you love. Falling in love is a magical moment that doesn't happen every day. Express you feelings with one of these poems. Enjoy!

Nothing to Hide

Since we were kids,
We've always been friends.
Telling each other,
Our secrets and sins.

You know everything about me,
There is nothing to hide.
But there is one thing,
I managed to keep inside.

I've held it in,
For long enough,
My feeling for you,
I think they call love.

By Danny Shaw

Falling in Love With You

Falling in love with you,
At first seemed unreal.
A thousand times I rehearsed,
Telling you how I feel.

Falling in love with you,
Was certainly worth the wait.
I knew you were the one,
Since our very first date.

Falling in love with you,
Seems like a fairy tale.
And as the story goes on,
Our love will always prevail.

By Danny Shaw

Love Ferry

Falling in love,
To some seems scary.
As if it's a spell,
Cast by the love ferry.

Why so afraid,
Of such a beautiful thing.
The happiness and joy,
Falling in love can bring.

What can I do,
To make you understand.
Loving is life,
It cannot be planned.

By Danny Shaw

Your Love

The first time I saw you,
I fell in love.
And once I had you,
I couldn't let go of.

Everything I have,
Is because of you.
Without your love,
I'm lost without a clue.

You are my everything,
My Angel from above.
I thank God everyday,
For giving me your love.

By Danny Shaw

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