Family Love Poems

Family poems are an easy way to show your family members just how much you love them. Use one of our family poems to tell them how you feel when you're all together. Enjoy!

This first poem is perfect to send to your family during a special occasion when you can't be there.

You can still use this poem if you are there. Just leave out the last verse.

My Family

My love for my family,
Where to begin?
There are so many stories,
I'll just jump right in.

My family is there,
When no one else will.
If I make mistakes,
You love me still.

You cheer me up,
When I wear a frown.
You make me happy,
When I'm feeling down.

Family is forever,
Or so they say.
My family I can count on,
Each and every day.

To my wonderful family.
This poem will never end.
My love for you all,
I would like to extend.

Though I'm not there,
Go ahead and start.
You're with me always,
Inside my heart.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is a short poem that could be used for Christmas or at a special time when the whole family is sharing gifts.

Family Together

To my family,
On this special day.
Just a few words,
I wish to say.

Gifts are great,
Both big and small,
But our family together,
Is the best gift of all.

By Danny Shaw

The next family poem is from a sister to a brother or vice versa. Just substitute brother or sister in the appropriate spot.

My Sister/Brother

To my sister who's such a pain,
Who makes me crazy & insane.
Just joking,
Let me explain.

You can be a little crazy,
And sometimes even lazy.
But you're my sister,
Therefore Amazing.

You always helped me out,
You didn't scream and shout.
Even when I didn't know,
What I was talking about.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is from son or daughter to mom and dad.

Love for Mom & Dad

I love you mom & dad,
For all that you've done.
You taught me many things.
And regrets, I have none.

Thanks for your hard work,
I know you made sacrifices.
I was sometimes mean,
Not always the nicest.

One thing I need to say,
I shout it out loud.
I love you mom & dad,
I hope I made you proud.

By Danny Shaw

The next family poem is from Mom/Dad to their son or daughter. Just substitute where appropriate. The first version is more for a newborn child, or younger child.

To My Son

You're my son,
My flesh and blood.
My tears of joy for you,
Just might cause a flood.

I'll try my hardest,
To be the best father to you.
You help me out,
And I'll do the best I can do.


This version is for an older child and is in past tense. It's slightly different than the first one.

You're my daughter,
My flesh and blood.
My tears of joy for you,
Just might've caused a flood.

I tried my hardest,
To be the best mother for you,
You helped me out,
And we made it through.

By Danny Shaw

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