Forbidden Love Poems

Love should not be forbidden. Use our Forbidden love poems to express your emotions and feelings for the one you love. Enjoy!

Love Always Wins

To say love is forbidden,
Is a challenge for some.
We love who we want,
No matter where we're from.

Love is a power,
That cannot be controlled.
No matter what you do,
It happens anyway, truth be told.

The best thing you can do,
Is just let it in.
Because when it comes to love,
Love will always win.

By Danny Shaw

Loves Journey

Love is a journey,
That shouldn't be forbidden.
One of the best things about it,
Is to uncover what is hidden.

To keep me from my love,
Is to take my soul.
My life would be incomplete,
I would never be whole.

Please don't take away,
This love and romance.
For life is to short,
This may be my only chance.

By Danny Shaw

Not Good Enough

Depriving me of love,
Will only cause me pain.
I refuse to be used,
For your personal gain.

You say you know what's best for me,
But you don't have a clue.
Every guy/girl I like,
Isn't good enough for you.

All I ask is that you,
Give me a break.
If I make the wrong decision,
Then I'll live with that mistake.

By Danny Shaw

My Everything

Your are my future,
You are my everything.
You are my lover,
You are my king/queen.

You are my future,
I will never stop trying.
To say I love another,
Would only be lying.

You are my future,
You are my everything,
As a token of my love,
Please accept this ring.

By Danny Shaw

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