Friendship Love Poems

Some friends come and go, others are around for a lifetime. Use these free friendship love poems to express your feelings. Enjoy!

Don't Forget Me

We've known each other,
Since our childhood.
Anything I couldn't do,
You always could.

We've shared our darkest secrets,
Including our biggest fear.
I don't have the words to explain it,
But everything's better when you are near.

You are my best friend,
Whom I love and adore.
I trust you always,
Even when I'm not sure.

My love for our friendship,
Will always be.
And when you need someone,
Don't forget about me.

By Danny Shaw

Love For a Friend

Love for a friend,
Is like love for a brother.
It's unconditional without a doubt,
To take care of one another.

Love for a friend,
Is helping when they are down.
Making sure they get home safe,
After a long night on the town.

Love for a friend,
Is a mutual respect.
That is given and received,
Without expecting to collect.

By Danny Shaw

That's You

A friend who's reliable,
A friend who's honest.
That's you,

A friend I can count on,
A friend who is true,
That's you.

By Danny Shaw

In the next friendship love poem you can substitute sister for brother.

Life Saver

Thanks for always being there,
A great friend you are,
From a small cup of sugar,
To letting me borrow your car.

You've always taken care of me,
No matter the situation.
Even when I didn't ask,
You always sensed my frustration.

I love you like a brother,
And if you ever need a favor.
Don't hesitate to ask because,
For me you've been a life saver.

By Danny Shaw

Sorry My Friend

Right now you feel like everything is gone.
And I know you must feel all alone.
But listen friend I'm telling you.
Listen to me I'll tell you what to do.

Because I've been in the same place,
Tears were running down my face.
But now I'm still alive and well
So listen to what I have to tell.

She's gone but you'll get by.
Let it all out just scream and cry.
I'll be here for you if you need a friend,
Keep your head up this is not the end.

Only time will heal the pain,
Never think this was all in vain.
Cause even though she left you man,
Just be glad you got to hold her hand.

I'm sorry for all the pain you feel,
But I promise you'll soon heal.
Now I'll tell you why I'm really here,
She's with me now to be perfectly clear.

By Danny Shaw

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