Rhyming Friendship Poems

Friendship Poems that rhyme are cute, funny, and catchy.

Friends are hard to replace, so why not tell them how you feel with one of these poems. Don't be shy. Enjoy!

Best Friends Forever

Best friends forever,
That's you and me.
Sharing happy and sad feelings,
Whatever they may be.

Best friends forever,
Even when we disagree.
Sometimes we may be blind,
To what we can't see.

Best friends forever,
You'll always have my support.
Just know that you can come to me,
With problems of any sort.

By Danny Shaw


I feel like we've done everything together,
A lot of them were extreme.
From hiking a tall mountain,
To touring other countries for a change of scene.

We've shared so many good times,
And yes even the bad.
But we always took care of each other,
You are the best friend I ever had.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is for her. This poem was inspired by my wife. In the last line you can say best friend. Obviously if they are not your best friend then just leave out best.

Always & Forever

When times were tough,
You were always there.
If I needed something,
You would always share.

We've shared each others clothes,
Makeup and shoes.
We've shared stories and gossip,
Whatever the latest news.

Comparing shopping stories,
And where to find the best deal.
Or what just happened that day,
And how it made us feel.

Chatting over lunch,
Or maybe over the phone.
Whatever the conversation,
I never think I'm alone.

Lets not forget the never ending,
Stories about our men,
Just want to say thanks for listening,
Always and forever, you're my (best) friend.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is for kids to give to their friends.

Can You Play

We are friends,
I don't know what else to say.
But I just wanted to know,
If you can play after school today?

By Danny Shaw

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