Funny Birthday Poems & Wishes

Rather it's for your brother, sister, mom, or dad. We have funny birthday poems for everyone. This rhyming funny birthday poetry is sure to make them laugh. Enjoy!

The first 3 poems are short funny birthday poems. They will work for all occasions. Now for this first poem wait for everyone else to give there gift first.

Then give this poem to the birthday person. Once they finish reading it then give them their gift.

Would You Believe It

I know it's your birthday,
In case you thought I forgot.
And all of the birthday cards,
They were out of stock.

Oh and your birthday gift,
I was going to get for you.
Would you believe it,
It was sold out too.

By Danny Shaw

My Treat

Birthdays come and go,
And so do you.
But I'm always glad to see you,
C'mon you know it's true.

If on this day,
You come and see me.
Dinner is my treat,
If nothing else it's free.

By Danny Shaw

Go for a Run

It's your birthday, time to have fun.
But tomorrow, you had better go for a run.
Run like the wind, make no mistake.
Do you know how many calories are in a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!

By Danny Shaw

Endulge Yourself

Tis that time of year again,
When everyone wants to be your friend.
Some of them real, some are fake,
But everyone loves birthday cake.

Time to blow out the candles,
Increase the size of your love handles.
This is your special day,
Endulge yourself, it will be okay.

Gobble up every last bite,
Until your pants begin to get tight.
Eat the last piece, why certainly.
All the while singing happy birthday to me.

By Danny Shaw

Happy Birthday to You

Gifts are over rated,
Bought birthday cards suck.
But don't you worry,
Because you are in luck.

I hope you like it,
Something fresh and new.
I wrote this awesome birthday poem,
Called happy birthday to you.

If you don't like it,
Just throw it away.
Oops I almost forgot,
Happy Birthday!

By Danny Shaw

Funny Birthday Poem for Sister

Her birthday again, my little/big sister.
All the laughs and fun, oh how i've missed her.
Always telling jokes and clowning around.
She just has a way of turning a frown upside down.

Always smiling telling jokes all day,
And games, she's always willing to play.
But all jokes aside, make no mistake.
Don't ever eat her last piece of birthday cake.

By Danny Shaw

The next funny birthday poem could be used for a sister or brother. I am sure everyone knows someone who always works and doesn't really care about their birthday. This poem is to persuade them to have a small birthday party.

The intention is to have a big surprise birthday party with all of their friends. Fill in the blank with the time and place.

Funny Birthday Poem for Brother

My brother works so hard,
Forgetting his own birthday.
But not this year,
If I have anything to say.

For you this year,
I planned a small party.
At the _______________________,
Please don't be tardy.

Just few friends and family,
We'll have a good time and celebrate.
Oh and don't worry,
We will not keep you up to late.

By Danny Shaw

Funny Birthday Poem for Mom

Time to wake up,
Your hair is a mess.
It's your birthday,
You had better get dressed.

Just another year,
Maybe you don't care.
But I thought you should know,
You have a grey hair.

But don't you worry,
Don't you cry.
Because my birthday gift to you,
It's hair dye!

Happy Birthday Mom!

By Danny Shaw

The next funny birthday poem is intended for your dad, but it could also be used for a 50th birthday or 60th etc. Just be careful if the person you give it too is sensitive about their weight. They may not find this poem very funny.

Funny Birthday Poem for Dad

So you have a few wrinkles,
And your bones begin to ache.
Go to the bathroom and tinkle,
Hurry up! For heavens sake.

It's your Birthday,
In case you didn't know.
Be careful on your way,
Don't stub your toe.

Waiting for you is birthday cake,
To add to your love handles.
How many times do you think it will take,
For you to blow out your birthday candles?

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