Funny Friendship Poems

One of your friends need a good laugh? Our funny friendship poems are sure to do just that.

Send them one of these poems to brighten their day. Enjoy!

The first poem is hinting to your friend that you want to talk to them. Of course, with a little humor. Just fill in the blank with your name.

A Good Laugh

If I could write a poem,
This wouldn't be so bad.
And trying to make it rhyme,
Is just making me mad.

Just thought you needed a good laugh,
Or even a little smile.
Hope you are doing okay,
We haven't talked in a while.

Now to finish this poem,
I rhymed until the end.
Hope you got a good laugh,
From ______, what a friend.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is a bit of sick humor. If you joke around with the friend you are giving it too they will understand. Just make sure they read the whole poem.

Car Broke Down

My dog died and my cat too.
Everthing is a mess,
I don't know what to do.

My car broke down,
So I'm stuck at home,
Can't go into town.

If you were here today,
Things would be better,
I would be okay.

Sorry my friend, you know I'm a tease,
But when you get a chance,
Give me a call please.

By Danny Shaw

Before I Stay Again

We have been friends,
For a long long time.
Things we shouldn't have done,
You were my partner in crime.

Please understand when I say this,
I am not trying to be mean.
But before you ask me to stay over again,
Please make sure your room is clean.

By Danny Shaw

If I

If I fell you would pick me up.
If you ask,
I would let you drink from my cup.

If I cried you would ask what's wrong.
If you needed it,
I would help you all day long.

If I laughed, you would laugh with me.
If you were old,
Then we both would be.

If I went sky diving from a plane,
So would you.
But if we crashed who would we blame?

By Danny Shaw

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