Funny Love Poems

If you're looking for some funny love poems you came to the right place. We have funny poems for him and her, some of our poems are for both.

The first funny love poem is a short poem. Fill in the blank with women, men, boys, or girls.

Lucky You

As far as _______,
I like a few,
But I had to choose,
You fell in Love With Me,
So Lucky You!

By Danny Shaw

The next 2 funny love poems pertain to money, just be careful how you use these.

Slow Down

I always new you liked nice things,
But my check book can't keep up,
Or so it seems.

I love you, but you need to slow down,
You're my Queen always,
Only, without the crown.

By Danny Shaw

I'm Broke

As far as money,
I do the best I can,
We both know some things,
Don't always go as planned.

For you I hope,
Love is enough,
Because I am broke,
And I sold all your stuff.

By Danny Shaw

In the next funny poem you can substitute what ever number you want for the last line. We say 30 minutes.

Shopping Love

I wait on you while you shop,
You keep going when I tell you to stop.
But I still Love You through all of this,
And I wait patiently while you finish your list.

As much as I love you,
I can't take it anymore,
So I made a new rule,
30 minutes per store.

By Danny Shaw

Read this funny love poem to him or her. Make sure they close their eyes when you tell them too. Once you've finished reading the poem your suppose to kiss the one you love. But that is for you to decide. Just be prepared for the consequences, they could be good or bad.

Pucker Up

Here is a poem that's short and true.
The only way I can tell, how I feel about you.
Close your eyes and make a wish.
Now Pucker you lips like a fish.

By Danny Shaw

Measuring Love

Our love is off the scale,
It can't be measured or weighed.
And if so, then how is made.

So how would you measure our love?
Would you measure it by sight?
Or how about the longest flight?

Our love is to big,
Larger than any earthquake.
Bigger than everything,
Anything man can make.

If it could be measured,
It would be off the scale.
Even the most advanced technology.
It would still be hard to tell.

The only way to measure love,
Is left to imagination.
But no matter the size it begins,
With a strong foundation.

By Danny Shaw

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