Gangsta Love Poems

Use our gangsta love poems to show your love for your crew, or the one you love. The thug life ain't easy. Express your feelings with one of these poems. Enjoy!

Stop Trippin

You're my girl,
But you need to stop trippin.
All these other honeys,
Mean about as much as the 40 I'm sippin.

Noone ever said,
The gangsta life would be easy.
But if you love me,
You'll do everything to please me.

You don't need to worry,
Cause you know you're my boo.
One day I'll give up this life,
And settle down with you.

By Danny Shaw

Make Ends Meet

Gotta be a gangsta,
Just to make ends meet.
Taking care of my family,
Keepin shoes on their feet.

It ain't easy,
But I do what I have too.
I make sacrifices,
Because of my love for you.

By Danny Shaw

Gangsta Life

9 in my face,
No fear of dyin,
Takin care of my crew,
If I have to lyin.

How did I get here,
What made me this way?
I had no choice,
Gangsta life was the only way.

My love for my crew,
The same as family.
For all of you haters,
God will judge me.

By Danny Shaw

Thug Life

Girl maybe you don't know,
Why I do the things I do.
Gettin shot at every day,
So I can provide for you.

It's not perfect,
But I do the best I can.
You're my boo,
And I'm your man.

One day soon I will,
Give up the thug life.
Buy you that big ring,
And make you my wife.

By Danny Shaw

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