Humorous Love Poems

Try one of these humorous love poems to make him or her laugh. If you add a little humor to love, you can't go wrong.

Better Half

Your love makes me happy,
And we can always laugh.
Everyone always says it,
It's true, you're my better half.

I just want you to know,
How much you mean to me.
With you I can be myself,
And I am as happy as could be.

By Danny Shaw

The next humorous love poem you can replace girls with guys.

Where Would I Be

Where would I be,
Without you by my side.
Probably partying hard,
And driving a sweet ride.

Or maybe camping,
In the middle of no where.
Without a worry in the world,
No need to care.

How about spring break in Florida,
Girls and endless fun.
Just relaxing and getting a tan,
Just chillin in the sun.

Where would I be,
Many places I can think of.
But being by your side,
I'm happy and in love.

By Danny Shaw

4 Seasons

I love you for many reasons,
I can think of something for all 4 seasons.
In the winter, snuggling by the fire,
You keep me warm and full of desire.

When the snow falls and it's cold outside,
All I need is you to keep me inside.
Then in Spring, when it's time to hike,
There are so many things we both like.

Shortly after, Summer begins,
BBQing and hanging out with friends.
Then it's time to take out the boat,
Without you, I wouldn't stay afloat.

Autumn is the time when leaves begin to fall.
Being with you makes me feel 10 feet tall.
Every season with you I will always adore.
Every season, every year makes me love you even more.

By Danny Shaw

I Love About You

Things that I love about you,
The smell of your hair.
And the way you hold me tight,
When you have a nightmare.

Things that I love about you,
The gentle kiss from your lips.
Even when you dance,
The way you shake your hips.

By Danny Shaw

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