by Shahrukh Pawaskar
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

I am not weak nor I am acting kiddish anyhow.
But i don't know why small small things related to you make me cry now.

I'll suffer, I'll wait.
No matter how much is it late.

I am ready to take the chances that roar.
I don't care about the consequences anymore.

I can fight back the whole world.
Just to get your love, oh girl !

Sometimes I think I should stop loving you more and more.
As you leave me a bit tricky as each day goes.

I don't know why, but I can't stop loving you.
Because my love is endless and this is true.

My friend says that I am in love with you.
But I reeeely wonder do you love me too.

I can't anyhow convince myself till the end of the day.
I seriously don't know whats going on in my life and why it has become this way ?

Still in search of the answer 4 this hiss.
I think you can help me with reason for this...!!!

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Dec 22, 2011
by: Anonymous


Dec 21, 2011
Not Bad
by: Anonymous

I like it, but it's kind of hard to follow. Keep writing.

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