Inspirational Love Poems

Does your husband or wife back you up? If so Inspirational Love Poems are the perfect way to tell them. Enjoy!

The first poem is more patriotic. If you know some one who was affected by 911 this might just be the perfect gift for them.

Love Can

Love can start battles,
Love can end wars.
Love was in Vietnam,
Love was in Desert Storm.

Love was in the Pentagon,
Loved ones of 911.
Love was in the air,
Love them that are in heaven.

Love can bring happiness,
Love can bring pain.
Love can make you poor,
Love can bring fame.

By Danny Shaw

True Inspiration

You have been my guide,
My true inspiration.
Without your support,
I would have quit in frustration.

Every success or project complete,
I dedicate to you.
And though I've had some failures,
We always make it through.

Thanks for inspiring me,
To achieve more than I ever imagined.
Although I work a lot,
You are my one true passion.

By Danny Shaw

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