Long Distance Love Poems

Use our long distance love poems to help you get through those hard times.

Being away from the one you love is hard, but you can make it work with some ground rules and good communication.

Trust each other, use emails, and phone calls to stay in touch. It might not be easy, but you can make it work. Enjoy!

Far Apart

Even though we are,
So far apart.
I keep your picture with me,
Close to my heart.

It keep me going,
When I have a bad day.
You're with me every night,
From a thousand miles away.

By Danny Shaw

Without You

Lying awake at night,
My bed is so cold.
I can't sleep,
Without you to hold.

When I finally fall asleep,
I dream of a place,
Where we can be together,
And I can touch your face.

Until I see you again,
And dreams come true.
I know its not real,
But for now it will do.

By Danny Shaw

The next 2 long distance love poems are perfect if you will be home soon.

Wish You Were Here

I wish you were here,
In my arms tonight.
To tell me everything,
Is going to be alright.

I wish you were here,
But I'll be there soon.
And hold you in my arms,
All morning & afternoon.

By Danny Shaw


Long Distance between us,
But I don't understand the hype.
We can stay in touch,
That thing they call Skype.

We can see each other,
Every day & every night.
As long as we have internet,
We'll be fine with Skype.

By Danny Shaw

Ring Goes the Phone

Dialing long distance,
Please answer the phone.
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring,
I hope that you're home.

If you're not there,
I could call collect,
But I would be surprised,
You're home I suspect.

Ring, Ring, goes the phone,
Where are you my love?
I am almost home,
In a plane up above.

By Danny Shaw

The next 2 long distance love poems explain the importance of communication, rules, and trust.

The Rules

To keep our love,
We'll have to stay in touch.
Occasional phone calls,
Email & Such.

Along with that,
We need to have trust.
More than anything,
This is a must.

We can make it work,
We have all the tools.
But first we need to agree,
And lay down the rules.

By Danny Shaw

Patience & Persistence

I don't want you to go.
It's such a long distance,
But we will make it through,
With patience and persistence.

Don't assume or judge,
We mustn't hold a grudge.
Always trust each other,
Knowing that we are lovers.

I know it isn't easy,
Easier said than done.
Just know that I love you,
And don't have to much fun.

By Danny Shaw

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