Lost Love Poems

Love is a beautiful thing, but not always easy. Our lost love poems are perfect to express how you feel about the one you lost or are about to lose. Tell them how you feel before it is to late. Enjoy!

This first poem is for someone who is actually happy that the relationship ended. Just experiencing love is enough.

Lost Love

I spent every day,
Searching for the love I lost.
I had no idea of the
Consequences or cost.

Now I have a broken heart,
And everythings a mess,
Every day I feel empty inside,
Sad and upset more or less.

As much as I loved you,
I'm glad you let me go.
The experience I've gained,
You will never know.

By Danny Shaw

Loved and Lost

I would rather have loved and lost,
Than not love at all.
But your love was the best,
Made me feel 10 feet tall.

I should say thanks,
For the lessons I have learned.
You gave me love,
That my heart so long yearned.

By Danny Shaw

Where was Love

Where was love when I was alone?
Where was love within our home?
Love was there once, then it took a detour.
And once it's infected, there isn't a cure.
Where was love, and why was it lost?
Just like trash, our love you tossed.

By Danny Shaw

The next lost love poem for her is talking about how he lost the girl of his dreams, and he is still waiting for her.

Girl of My Dreams

I had her once,
The girl of my dreams,
But now she is gone,
Or so it seems.

Where did she go?
I wish I knew.
And why she left,
I don't have a clue.

Was it something I said,
That made her this way?
No warning no signs,
Was there nothing to say?

Heart broken and disappointed,
This is how I feel,
For the rest of my life.
I wait for her still.

By Danny Shaw

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