Love at First Sight Poems & Poetry

Tell him or her that you fell in love with them the first time you met with these love at first sight poems.

Love at first sight is not a very common thing, but when you do find it you will know. We have love at first sight poetry for everyone. Enjoy!

Before Our First Kiss

Love at first sight,
Is there such a thing?
At first I didn't believe,
Thinking it was a dream.

Then one day out of no where,
My dreams of love came true.
From the moment our eyes met,
My love at first sight was you.

Although I did not believe,
Love at first sight did exist.
You proved me wrong on that day,
Even before our first kiss.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is a metaphor.

Love at First Sight

Her beauty could stop a train,
Her look could pierce through metal.
Her voice could bring world peace,
Her lips as red as a rose petal.

Her body the perfect shape,
Her eyes made the day bright.
Her touch healed this broken heart,
Her description, love at first sight.

By Danny Shaw

How Do You Feel

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I did not, that is until last night.
I don't know why, I simply cannot explain,
But the feeling was real, do you feel the same?

The last thing I want to do,
Is scare you away.
But I cannot deny my feelings,
That I felt yesterday.

What I want to know is, how do you feel?
Do you love me too, are these feelings for real?
Maybe it is love, or it could be lust,
Love begins with honesty, then begins the trust.

By Danny Shaw

The Fight of Love

Love is difficult to understand,
But cannot be ignored.
Like a Japanese Samurai,
Bound by his sword.

Life changing decisions,
And consequences are made,
For the fight of love,
With one swing of the blade.

I've always loved you,
Since the first time we met.
My sword is always ready,
And I will never forget.

I don't need an Army,
My sword is enough.
Always ready for battle,
Protecting and Defending our love.

By Danny Shaw

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