Love Hurts Poems

Love is sometimes hurtful. Our love hurts poems can help to get those feelings out.

Easily Deceived

You said you loved me,
And would never hurt me.
But now I understand,
Now I can see.

You got what you wanted,
And then you moved on.
I should have noticed,
Should have known all along.

I thought I knew you,
How could you be so cruel.
Believing that you loved me,
For that I am a fool.

To be manipulated,
And easily deceived.
You destroyed everything about love,
That I truly believed.

By Danny Shaw

Love Hurts

Love hurts in many ways,
Love hurts is the perfect phrase.
Love hurts because it comes from the heart,
Love hurts from the very start.

Love hurts some more than others,
Love hurts even sisters and brothers.
Love hurts because it can't be controlled.
Love hurts both the young and the old.

By Danny Shaw

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