Love Poems for Her

If you are looking for love poems for her you came to the right place. Browse through our love poems to find the right poem for your girl.

Your special someone needs to feel special everyday. Enjoy!

This first poem is to telling her how nervous you felt when you first met. Even now she still makes you a little nervous, because you love her so much.

Tongue Tied

Her eyes shined bright,
So gentle and kind.
From the very first moment,
I knew she would be mine.

I didn't know how
Or where to start.
So I chose how I feel,
I chose my heart.

The first time we talked,
I couldn't find the words.
As if I lost my voice,
Carried away by the birds.

Even now I get nervous,
Watching everything I do.
I still get butterflies,
Because of my love for you.

By Danny Shaw

Almost Got Away

I remember it just like yesterday,
The way I felt about her,
The one that got Away.

Although many years have passed,
My feelings have never changed.
And now you're here at last.

By Danny Shaw

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