Love Poems for Husband

Our love poems for husbands are a great way to show your man how much you love him. Keep the fire burning for years to come with these sweet words. Enjoy!

Best that's Ever Been

You were there for me,
Through thick and through thin.
For your love and efforts,
I give you a perfect 10.

You're my husband, my true love,
And my best friend.
But in my life,
You're the best that's ever been.

By Danny Shaw

If I Didn't Have You

If I didn't have you,
My life would be incomplete.
Where would I be,
If we didn't meet?
Maybe still at home,
Miserable and all alone.

If I didn't have you,
My husband, my love.
Whom I believe was sent to me,
By my guardian from above.
It doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong.
We were meant to be together all along.

If I didn't have you,
My life would have no purpose.
Even though I am strong,
That's only on the surface.
With you I am solid like wood.
Without you I'm simply no good.

By Danny Shaw

Life is Short

They say life is short,
So lets be on our way.
Don't waste any time,
Not one single day.

Everyday is an adventure with you,
You're my husband & my hero too.
Somehow I knew from the very start.
That our love would last, and we'd never part.

They say life is short,
If this is true.
I want to spend every moment,
Always and forever in love with you.

By Danny Shaw

My Husband

The thing about my husband,
Is he's always there for me.
He would swim the longest ocean.
And dive the deepest sea.

The thing about my husband.
That I find true and pure.
For ever pain and heartache,
He seems to have the cure.

My husband I love you always,
From the beginning to the end.
Now and in the afterlife.
Together we will spend.

By Danny Shaw

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