Love Poems for Kids

Our Love Poems for Kids are perfect to express your feelings to your little ones. Tell them how you love them with one of these poems. Enjoy!


I always tell you,
To clean your room.
Or help clean the house,
Grab a broom.

I do this because,
I want you to learn,
Respect & responsibility,
You'll get in return.

You may not agree,
With the things I do.
One day you'll understand,
It's because I love you.

By Danny Shaw

My Happiness

From the first time I saw,
Your beautiful blue eyes.
I new you'd be special,
Better than any surprise.

You were so happy,
Only cried when you were hungry.
You always made me smile,
Even when I was angry.

My life is complete,
Now that I have you.
You are my happiness,
My dreams have come true.

By Danny Shaw

In the next love poem for kids put both or all depending on how many kids you have.

Love for My Kids

My love for my kids,
Keeps me strong everyday.
It helps me pull through,
When something stands in my way.

My love for my kids,
Will always remain.
I promise to love you,
Both/All just the same.

By Danny Shaw

Better than Me

One day soon,
You'll make your on decisions.
But for now I will push you,
For what I have envisioned.

Maybe you'll be a doctor,
Or even a CEO.
I'll do my best to help you,
With what you may not know.

My only wish for you,
Is to be better than me.
To make wise decisions,
Whatever they may be.

You were born to be great,
This I can't ignore.
Whatever you choose to be,
I want you to be sure.

By Danny Shaw

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