Love Poems for Wife

What better way to show your wife how much you love her than a beautiful love poem.

Love Poems for Wife is perfect to add to a card and tell her how much you love her.

For My Wife

For my beautiful wife,
The most caring person I know.
You make my life complete,
You make me whole.

Thanks for being nice,
Even when you were hurt.
I appreciate your dedication,
And all of your hard work.

I may not give enough thanks,
For all that you do.
But I always notice.
And I do love you.

By Danny Shaw

Wonderful Life

From the day we got married,
Your picture I have carried.
I still look at it from time to time,
Thankful that you are mine.

And yet after all of these years,
With some hard love and tears.
You remain my wife.
Oh, what a wonderful life.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is a short love poem for your wife. Perfect for a flower card.

To My Wife

To my wife on this day,
And whom I love so much.
We've been together for a long time,
But you still haven't lost your touch.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is perfect for an anniversary, but it could be used anytime really.

So Lucky

How was I so lucky,
To find someone like you.
You made my life worth while,
And my dreams come true.

Everything has been great with you,
You're a wonderful wife.
We've had some good times,
And lived a full life.

How was I so lucky,
That you picked me.
I thought you were out of my league,
And most people would agree.

Here we are __ years later,
Our marriage still strong.
And we can keep on dancing,
When they play our song.

So tonight is your night,
You pick the place.
My only request,
Is your beautiful face.

By Danny Shaw

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