Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

If you want to tell your boyfriend how much you love him try a poem.

Love Poems for Your Boyfriend are the perfect idea. Here you will find poems for all occasions. Enjoy!

For My Boyfriend

For my boyfriend,
Whom I love so much.
You captured my heart,
With just one touch.

For my boyfriend,
The best in the world.
I'm happy to say,
That I am your girl.

By Danny Shaw

You're My Boyfriend

You're my boyfriend,
I'm happy to say.
Being with you,
Is the best part of my day.

You're always there for me,
And you go that extra mile.
But what I really love,
Is the way that you make me smile.

You're my boyfriend,
The best that there is.
No matter what my schedule,
You're at the top of my list.

You're my guide when I'm lost.
You're my north star.
Maybe you don't know,
Just how special you are.

By Danny Shaw

Never Feel Alone

We've been through some good times,
And some bad times too.
But as hard as it was,
We made it through.

Life isn't easy,
I think you would agree.
Through it all we stayed,
Neither of us did flee.

Our relationship is strong,
As if it's made of stone,
With your love I'm solid,
I never feel alone.

By Danny Shaw

He Would be Mine

Somehow I knew,
He would be mine.
Popular and charming,
One of a kind.

Somehow I knew,
He would be mine.
Always waiting for me,
Never leaving me behind.

Now I've found you,
And you are all mine.
A loving boyfriend,
I was lucky to find.

By Danny Shaw

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