Love Poems for Your Girlfriend

These Love Poems for Your Girlfriend will capture her heart. Tell your girl what her love means to you. Enjoy!

This first poem should be used for a girl you wish to be your girlfriend.

Beautiful & Elegant

I gazed at her,
From across the room.
Beautiful and elegant,
A flower in full bloom.

She was smart and pretty,
The perfect combination.
Which probably led,
To my infatuation.

I always thought,
She was out of my league.
But I would not give up,
I had to succeed.

Just know I would treat you,
With the utmost respect.
Taking care of your needs,
I would try to perfect.

If you're interested,
Come walk with me.
For I truly believe,
It's our destiny.

By Danny Shaw

The next love poem for your girlfriend is perfect if she likes to sing.

Your Sweet Voice

Listening to your sweet voice,
Is music to my ears.
An angel in disguise,
Who listens and who hears.

Listening to your sweet voice,
Your words so full of passion.
I feel your love so tender,
Gentle, full of compassion.

Listening to your sweet voice,
Time seems to slow down.
Every time you sing to me,
Oh what a beautiful sound.

By Danny Shaw

For My Girlfriend

For my girlfriend,
Whom I love so much.
Who gets her way,
With a kiss and such.

Even though I am a man,
Big, tough, and strong,
I let you have your way,
Even when you are wrong.

I am only saying this,
Because I want you to know.
You're my one and only,
And I love you so.

By Danny Shaw

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