(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

Dis ones 4 u...!!!;(
I m sowie dat i made u cry,
It hurts me so bad dat i wanna die...;(
In u i've found a love dat is true,
N ma heart is filled wid love 4 u...
I m sowie dat i've hurt u n u r in pain,
Buh wid u, ma lyf wont b d same...;(
As i sit here writin dis 2 u,
I m cryin, thinkin how much i was a fool...:|
I m sowie, plzzz temme wateva shud i do...??
I wanna take d tym n apologize 2 u...
U fill ma heart wid joy, n u make ma lyf complete,
Evrytym u cum around, ma heart skips a beat...
I leave ma fone on n i lie by it evry nyt,
Jus in case u call me if u feel sumthng is not ryt...
Evry nyt i thnk ov u as i lie in d dark,
N i close ma eyez n i c u holdin on 2 me wid ur head against ma heart...:|
B4 i go n put dis poem 2 an end,
I wanna sae M SORRY n it will neva happen again...!!!;(;(;(

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