Making Love Poems

Making love poems are not only intiment, but heart felt. Describe to your partner how great it feels when you are making love.

Just imagine for a moment the feeling you have after making love. For most of us it is a great feeling.

Express that great feeling to your partner with one of these poems or write your own. Enjoy!

Making Love to You

Making love to you,
Gets better every time.
Like a kid in a candy store,
I wait for the sign.

Making love to you,
Makes me happy all day.
People ask why I'm always smiling,
I don't know what to say.

Making love to you,
The feeling is hard to explain.
Enough of this mushy stuff,
How about a love making game.

By Danny Shaw

When We Make Love

When we make love,
It's like fireworks,
My head begins to spin,
My body twitches and jerks.

When we make love,
My heart starts pounding.
I lose my mind,
Because it's simply outstanding.

When we make love,
I get super hot.
Just thinking about it right now,
Makes me want you a lot.

By Danny Shaw

The next making love poem would be perfect after you have just made love and you want to do it again. Tell him or her you want to tell them how it feels and give them this poem. If nothing else you may get a good laugh out of it or....

Making Love Again

A tender kiss is all that it takes,
Your lover and best friend patiently awaits.
For what comes next, you're in control,
The anticipation is more than you could ever know.

As your wet lips touch mine,
Oh so sweet, the finest of all wine.
Your kiss alone sets my body on fire,
When your skin touches mine, the tempature goes higher.

Best of all the last of your clothes,
A body so beautiful from head to your toes.
Now it's time for the love making to begin.
What I meant to say was lets make love again.

By Danny Shaw

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