Marriage Love Poems

Our marriage love poems are meaningful and even a little funny. Marriage is a beautiful thing, so tell your significant other how much you love them with one of these poems.

The first poem is a toast to your significant other.


Looking back on the past,
Thinking I would never marry.
The committment and responsibility,
I did not want to carry.

You came into my life,
And captured my heart.
Accepting me for who I was,
Right from the very start.

Even though marriage is hard,
And we shed a few tears.
Your love I will always cherish,
And to you I say Cheers!

By Danny Shaw

Marriage Is

Marriage is taking care of your significant other.
Marriage is taking love one step further.
Marriage is caring no matter what.
Marriage is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

Marriage is understanding & good communication.
Marriage is not a Summer vacation.
Marriage is what you make it to be,
I am grateful that you picked me.

By Danny Shaw

My Better Half

Looking back,
On the day we got married.
I could tell,
You were nervous and worried.

Although we only knew one another,
For a short while.
You still had the courage,
To walk down that aisle.

Now here we are,
____ years later.
I cannot imagine,
A marriage that is greater.

You and you alone,
Have the key to my soul.
My better half always,
You make me whole.

By Danny Shaw

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