Romantic Love Poems for Her

Romance is in the air with these romantic love poems for her. Show her you can be romantic with one of these poems. Enjoy!

Make a dinner reservation and buy her a gift card for a day at the spa. Spoil her with this romantic love poems for her and with gifts!

Everyday Routine

We should always make time,
For love and romance.
A candle light dinner,
Just might be my chance.

Sometimes we get caught up,
In the everyday routine.
But I think it's time,
Time to change the scene.

I've thought long and hard,
Of what I could do for her.
Maybe a day at the spa,
Or just dinner if she'd prefer.

But I simply could not decide,
So I did what I thought was right.
I hope you enjoy your day,
And look forward to seeing you tonight.

By Danny Shaw

What is Love?

What is love you ask,
In a Gentle Way.
Something we feel,
Or something we say?

What is Love?
I thought day and night,
It's what you feel inside
About someone else right?

What is Love?
When you find it you will know,
Cherish each moment, together you grow.
All the thoughts of us and happy feelings of,
Those are the feelings of being in Love.

By Danny Shaw

Without You

When I have a bad day,
And everything's a mess,
Your love keeps me going and relieves my stress.
Without your love, I'm not sure what I'd do,
My Heart would be Empty Without You.

By Danny Shaw

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