Romantic Love Poems for Him

The first romantic love poem for him is just a way to say thank you to the one you love.

Thank You Love

The fire you bring to our love,
Illuminates my soul.
Even on the worst of days
You make me whole.

Thank you my love for being there,
Through the good times and the bad.
Thank you for being calm,
Even when I was mad.

Thank you for everything,
No matter what it may be.
I know it couldn't have been easy,
Thank you my love for tolerating me.

By Danny Shaw

Love for Him

My love for him,
Was infinite and true.
And to keep his love,
There was nothing I wouldn't do.

He was sweet and cute,
And yes even smart.
I would never deny,
He had the key to my heart.

He always showed his love for me,
Even in front of his friends.
He says it doesn't bother him,
But I know he just pretends.

Sensitive to my feelings,
He knows when something's wrong.
Even though I'm weak sometimes,
With him by my side I'm always strong.

Truly an amazing man,
Everyday my dreams come true.
Though today is just another day,
I wanted to stress my love for you.

I Love You!

By Danny Shaw

This romantic love poem for him is basically saying your relationship is to strong for anyone or anything to seperate your love for each other.

Bubble of Love

We are safe together,
In our bubble of love.
No one can hurt us,
Cause our bubble is tough.

The bubble makes us strong,
Protecting us from the outside world.
Some try to burst it,
Everyday they try more and more.

We have to stick together,
You and Me.
And Protect our Love,
From what we can't see.

For the ones that try to hurt us
Let me be Clear,
Our Bubble is Strong
And we have No Fear.

By Danny Shaw

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