Romantic Love Poems

Add a little romance to your life with one of our romantic love poems. These romantic poems are all purpose for both men and women.

Many people have a different perspective on what is romantic. A sunrise, sunset, or even just a walk on the beach are just examples.

Just picture for a moment you are watching a sunset with the man or woman you love the most. You read them some romantic love poetry to add to the moment.

The point is to be a little different. Mix it up a little so your loved one doesn't get bored. Enjoy!

I Just Knew

From the moment,
I layed eyes on you.
I don't know why,
But somehow I just knew.

We would be together,
Until death do us part.
I knew this and more,
Right from the very start.

By Danny Shaw

In this romantic love poem you can use all of it, or just the last 8 lines if you want to keep it shorter.

If you're looking for short poems short romantic poems

Look At Us Now

Remember the first time we met?
I was so shy, but I asked you to dance.
Who would've guessed that we,
So different would have the perfect romance.

Look at us now
And how far we've come.
As far regrets,
I'm afraid I have none.

I look forward to our next adventure,
And where we will go.
But then again everyday is an adventure,
That's why I love you so.

By Danny Shaw

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The next poem can be used for either a man or woman. Just substitute beautiful with cute or handsome if it's for a man.

Deep Down Within

Deep down within,
I waited for this day.
When I could say the words,
I always wanted to say.

I love you my dear,
Now more than ever.
Not only are you beautiful,
But you're smart and clever.

Deep down within,
My heart beats for you.
It makes a sound,
That to me is new.

I can't explain it,
But I do understand,
It's magical,
It's part of lifes plan.

Deep down within,
Take a look into my soul.
And you will see.
You've fulfilled my lifes goal.

By Danny Shaw

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