Sad Love Poems

When you're feeling sad it's sometimes hard to tell someone how you feel. Use our sad love poems to tell them how you feel.

Of course no one wants to be sad, but it's better to get those feelings out than holding them inside.

The goal of a sad love poem is to get your feelings out in the open. A way to express yourself.

We want you to feel better. So use one of our poems or write your own.

Why is Love Sad

Why is love sad you ask?
It's suppose to make you happy,
So why is love sad?

Love needs love,
In order to survive.
It takes two,
To keep love alive.

Why is love sad,
And doomed without you?
Because 1 isn't enough,
No matter what they do.

By Danny Shaw

Maybe One Day

I loved you,
More than anything.
I thought it was more,
Than just a fling.

I gave you my heart,
And you ripped it out.
This is the only way,
I wouldn't scream and shout.

I just don't understand,
Why you'd do this to me.
Maybe one day I'll understand,
Maybe one day I'll see.

By Danny Shaw

Everyday Without You

Everyday without you,
Makes me weak inside.
Everyday without you,
Takes away my pride.

Everyday without you,
Is hard to swallow.
Everyday without you,
Makes my heart hollow.

Everyday without you,
Nothing to look forward too.

By Danny Shaw

All Lies

All those things you said to me,
When you looked into my eyes.
The truth be known,
You have shown,
They were all lies.

I ask you a question,
Where were you that late at night?
You said let it go,
The truth I don't know,
But I know wrong from right.

By Danny Shaw

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