Secret Love Poems

Want to keep your love for someone a secret? Our secret love poems are the perfect way to do just that. Poetry is a great way to express your love to someone. Enjoy!

Just a Little Longer

As you creep out the window,
I kiss you good night.
Although everyone is asleep.
We have to be quiet.

Just a little while longer,
And then we can tell.
For now we have to hide it,
Never leaving a trail.

I love you more than anything,
And your patience is wearing thin.
I promise to you someday soon,
Our new life will begin.

By Danny Shaw

Face to Face

Not being able to see you,
For such a long time.
Is making me crazy,
Like I'm going to lose my mind.

I miss you my darling,
Can't get you out of my head.
Why don't you call me,
Was it something I said?

Can you meet with me?
At our special place.
We need to talk,
Face to face.

By Danny Shaw

The next secret love poem is perfect to reveal your love to the one you love.

All Bottled Up Inside

My love for you runs deep,
I simply cannot hide.
These feelings are bursting my heart,
All bottled up inside.

We've danced around this,
For way to long.
And if you feel the same,
Then I see nothing wrong.

Maybe I jumped to conclusions,
If you don't feel the same way.
Just stop reading now,
There is nothing else to say.

But if you are in love with me,
Give me some sort of sign.
A poem, a letter, or note,
A sign of any kind.

My love for you was a secret,
But now you know the truth.
If you love me to,
Then we have nothing to lose.

By Danny Shaw

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