Sexy Love Poems & Poetry

Add a little spice with one of our Sexy Love Poems.

These poems are perfect for foreplay and getting you in the mood for some passionate love making.

Moments to Treasure

Your love is a fire,
Consuming my heart in its flame.
A fire burning wild and free,
Difficult to tame.

You easily seduce me,
With the sound of your voice,
No matter how I feel,
I have no choice.

Whispering sweet words,
As your fingers touch my skin.
With a kiss from your lips,
Let the love making begin.

Only you know how,
To give me this pleasure.
Every time we make love,
Are moments I will treasure.

By Danny Shaw

Perfect Place

When we make love,
My heart begins to race.
Your rhythm and speed,
Are the perfect pace.

Enchanted by your body,
And the look on your face.
Two bodies entwined as one,
Perfect time & perfect place.

By Danny Shaw

The next sexy love poem is perfect to give to your lover when you want to just spend all day in each others arms making love. A great way to rekindle that spark.

Don't Stop

Your skin touches mine,
So soft and hot.
Lock the door please,
I don't wanna get caught.

Kiss my body all over,
Every single inch.
In anticipation of it all,
Grabbing my pillow to clinch.

The lower you go,
Makes me lose my mind.
The words to describe it,
I just cannot find.

The closer you get,
To that special spot.
Makes me quiver and shake,
Now I'm super hot.

Don't stop, don't stop,
Keep making love to me.
My temperatures rising higher,
Almost to top degree.

Once we reach that point,
Maybe you think we're okay.
But I think we should start all over.
Because I can go all day.

By Danny Shaw

Sex or Love

Sex or Love,
Which do you prefer?
Both are great,
I would have to concur.

Sex can lead to love,
Some people say.
I don't disagree,
Because it just may.

Which ever you prefer,
Just let me know,
For I am willing and ready,
Either way you wanna go.

With love comes commitment,
You must understand.
If you want, I'm even down,
For a one night stand.

By Danny Shaw

Champion in Bed

You make me hot and on fire,
It's as if you're in my head.
You know my every desire,
You're a champion in the bed.

You know when and where,
Sometimes it seems unreal.
It almost seems unfair,
But you can do it still.

By Danny Shaw

The next few poems are short sexy love poems. Perfect for getting straight to the point.

No Tomorrow

Sex is right, sex is good,
Do the things we never would.
Lets make love like there's no tomorrow.
With no regrets & no sorrow.

By Danny Shaw

Sexy Law

You're sexy in every way,
Especially the way you dress.
Undressing you with my eyes,
This I must confess.

There should be a law,
Against how sexy you are.
Drawn in by your beauty,
No longer can I look from afar.

By Danny Shaw

The next poem is perfect to leave someone if you had a one night stand, but you want to have sex with that person again.

Best Sex

Feeling your heart beating,
Thump, thump in my ear.
Lying on your arm after sex,
The best sex I've had all year.

Thinking I should leave,
I decided to stay,
To enjoy this wonderful sex,
If only one more day.

By Danny Shaw

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