Short Friendship Poems & Poetry

Tell your friends how great they are with these short friendship poems. After all they listen to all of your stories, good or bad. Let them know you care. Enjoy!

Friends Stick Together

Friends stick together,
When times are tough.
Friends stick together,
When the road is rough.
Friends stick together,
Through all kinds of stuff.

By Danny Shaw

Best Friends Forever

Best friends forever,
That's what we always said.
Never say never,
The way we were bread.
Best friends together,
Always looking ahead.

By Danny Shaw

I'll Always Remember

With little hope in sight,
You were there day and night.
January through December,
A friend I will always remember.

By Danny Shaw

First Place

A true friend I can count on,
You set the pace.
Of all my other friends,
You are in first place.

By Danny Shaw

Friends until the end,
That's you and me.
Call me anytime,
Whatever the problem may be.

By Danny Shaw

Make Plans

When you get a chance,
Call me on the phone.
We need to make some plans,
For when you come home.

By Danny Shaw

The next short friendship poem is basically a guilt trip. Perfect for one of your friends you haven't seen in a long time.

Old Pictures

Last night I found some old pictures,
It was you, me, and your mom.
I hope to see you soon,
We haven't hung out since prom.

By Danny Shaw


It's about time for our reunion,
I hope to see you there.
Lots of things to catch up on,
Lots of stories to share.
Reschedule your plans if need be,
Occasions like this are rare.

By Danny Shaw

This short friendship poem is when you and one of your friends have a disagreement. It's basically saying even though you disagree your friendship comes first.

One of a Kind

Our friendship is like no other,
It's simply one of a kind.
Sometimes it feels like you're my mother/brother,
Always speaking your mind.

Our friendship is a bond,
We share a mutual respect.
But even with ripples in the pond.
Our friendship will still reflect.

By Danny Shaw

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