Short Funny Love Poems

If you're looking for Short funny Love Poems you came to the right place. Adding humor to show your love for someone just makes your love poems that much better.

Love is Funny

Love is funny,
This I agree.
I am just happy,
You picked me.

By Danny Shaw

Love Bound

Listen to the sound,
Of a love that's bound,
For great things,
Yet to be found.

By Danny Shaw

For You

For you I would,
Climb the tallest tower,
Bring you the freshest flowers.
Talk like Austin Powers,
But first I need to shower.

By Danny Shaw

A Little More

Who knows what our love,
Has in store.
I always try to give,
Just a little bit more.
I only hope,
It doesn't become a chore.

By Danny Shaw

Just Lunch

I love you so much,
I would take a punch.
But in the future,
How about just lunch.

By Danny Shaw

The next short funny love poem is when someone is feeling down, either after an argument or when they are unhappy. Just a little something to try and cheer them up.

Love Me Tomorrow

I know you feel bad,
And your heart is with sorrow.
But I will love you today.
If you'll love me tomorrow.

By Danny Shaw

Your Cure

Many things in love are uncertain,
That's for sure.
But when your heart is hurtin.
I am your cure.

By Danny Shaw

What's Funny About Love

What's funny about love,
I'll give you 3 tries.
What's funny to you,
What makes you surprised?

What's funny about love?
Is the land of unknown.
What's funny about love,
Is your never alone.

By Danny Shaw

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