Short Love Poems for Her

Short Love Poems for Her are the perfect gift to send your special girl. Use one of our poems on a flower card. Enjoy!

Waiting for You

Waiting for you,
And what I feel inside,
Is hard to explain,
Difficult to describe.

Waiting for you,
For the rest of my life.
Waiting for you,
To become my wife.

By Danny Shaw


Know other was as beautiful as she.
I felt so special that she picked me.
Thank you for making me your #1 choice.
Now if you don't mind let's celebrate & rejoice.

By Danny Shaw

My Path

From the first moment
I layed eyes on you.
I lacked direction
And didn't have a clue.

But now I understand
My path is clear.
Though I am crying inside,
I want shed a tear.

By Danny Shaw

I Always Wondered

I always wondered,
Why she loved me.
I always wondered,
How our love would be.
What I always wondered,
It must be destiny.

By Danny Shaw

In the next poem you could substitute Your mine today for the last line.

Lady In Red

She was the one,
My Lady in Red,
The perfect woman,
For her my heart bled.

She was perfect,
In every way.
Fantasy turned real,
She is mine today.

By Danny Shaw

Woman Like You

What would I do,
With a woman like you.
You think I don't have a clue.
But ideas, oh I have a few!

By Danny Shaw

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