Short Love Poems for Him

Need to tell your man you love him, but don't have that much space. Our short love poems for him are the perfect idea. These short love poems will make your man understand how much you really love him.

My Superman

You're my Superman,
My knight in shining armor.
You're my Casanova,
And you're quite the charmer.

By Danny Shaw

You Are the Man

When I ask for someone to hold my hand.
You were the one, you were the man.
When things went wrong, unaccording to plan,
You reassured me, you were the man.

When times were tough and I couldn't stand.
You picked me up, you were the man.
Just wanted you to know, I'm your biggest fan.
I love you my dear, You Are My Man.

By Danny Shaw

Sports Day

He sits on the couch,
Watches sports all day.
And when I talk to him,
He doesn't hear a word I say.

So on sports day,
I will let him be.
Though he's not perfect,
I know he loves me.

By Danny Shaw

Men Will Play

Boys will be boys,
And men will play.
But somehow you manage,
To Make me love you more each day.

By Danny Shaw

Keep it New

You're the man of all men,
My lover and best friend.
Just want to say I love you,
And keep our relationship new.

By Danny Shaw

Wonderful Charms

I love the way you hold me,
In your big, strong arms.
And you always know how,
To make me fall for your charms.

Little by little you make me,
Love you even more.
I look forward to our future,
And what it has in store.

By Danny Shaw

#1 Pick

I always ask myself,
Why I love a man such as you.
But now I know,
It's the little things you do.

You always take care of me,
Especially when I'm sick.
Thank you my love,
You're my #1 pick.

By Danny Shaw

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