Short Love Poems & Poetry

Short Love Poems are the perfect way to share your feelings when you have limited space. Use these short poems of love for flower cards to deliver your loving message.

You may also memorize shorter poems easier and recite it to that special someone. Whatever your reason you came to the right place. Enjoy!

Smile For Love

Nothing else matters,
When you're in love,
You smile all day,
Cause you can't get enough.

Smile all day because
You're full of Cheer.
Don't hold back,
Smile from ear to ear!

By Danny Shaw

My Love Day & Night

Your love is like a star glowing in the night,
And my everyday sunrise so beautiful & bright.
Being with you just makes my day,
I will always Love you what else can I say.

By Danny Shaw

The Way You Love Me

I love the way you love me,
It sends chills up my spine.
I get excited,
Knowing your love is mine.

I love the way you love me,
When I'm down and blue.
Your love is the sweetest,
It's silky and smooth.

By Danny Shaw

Don't Go Away

Now that you're here don't ever go away.
A love like ours doesn't come along everyday.
When things get tough I pray and I pray,
The love we share together will make you stay.

By Danny Shaw

For the next short love poem just fill in the blank with the name of the person the poem is for.

Everlasting Love

Everlasting love is there such a thing?
If so then what does it mean?
I scratch my head I don't understand,
As you look in my eyes and take my hand.
_______ how many years have we been together?
Everlasting love is forever and ever.

By Danny Shaw

Angel from Above

You're my Angel from above,
My one and only True Love.
I'll give you everything my heart and soul,
In hopes that our love will continue to grow.

By Danny Shaw

Your Love I Wait

With you I would spend all of my time.
I would patiently wait in the longest line.
Patience is a virtue or so they say,
For your love I wait day after day.

By Danny Shaw

In the next short love poem fill in the blank with husband or wife.

All I Desire

The happiness you bring is all I desire,
Always you love me with Passion and Fire.
You're my _________, my soulmate, and best friend.
I'll stay with you always through thick and through thin.

By Danny Shaw

Love Is Rough

What's in the distance? It looks like love,
I hear that it's hard, and sometimes it rough.
But I will give it a try, if you want me too.
I'm up for the challenge, How about You?

By Danny Shaw

Is Love A Dream

I dream a little dream, will love find me?
And when It does will I be able to see?
I wake up confused what does this mean?
Will I find love or is it a Dream...
I Dream a little Dream, and long for the day,
For the one who will love me to take me far far away.

By Danny Shaw

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