Short Romantic Love Poems

Here are some short romantic love poems. Perfect for flower cards or when you just want to keep your message short.

My Love Now

You were my love then,
You are my love now.
Not once have I ever thought,
Of throwing in the towel.

You are my love now.
Forever and always.
With you I'm myself.
So happy and amazed.

By Danny Shaw

Not A Quitter

If you're willing to take a chance.
I'm in the mood for a little romance.
If the answer is no,
I think you should reconsider.
You should also know.
That I'm not a quitter.

By Danny Shaw

I Need You

I need you,
Like a fish needs water.
And no matter what.
I will always try harder.

By Danny Shaw

The Best

I love the way you walk,
When you cross the street.
And the way you blush,
When I touch your feet.
You're simply the best,
I ever did meet.

By Danny Shaw

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