Simple Love Poems for Everyone

Simple love poems so they will know it came from you. Feel free to use one of ours or write your own. Enjoy!

Whatever Love Is

Love is a feeling,
Or is it?
I don't know.

Love you can see,
Some say,
It is So.

Whatever love is,
Plant it,
And watch it grow.

By Danny Shaw

In your Arms I See

In your arms I see,
You holding Me.
In your arms I see,
The letters WE.
In your arms I see,
A perfect Harmony.

By Danny Shaw

These simple love poems do not have titles. A simple poem does not have to have a title, but feel free to add your own. They work perfectly for flower cards, or when you don't have that much space.

Love is free,
No cost to me.
I'll count to three,
What's it going to be.
Do you Love Me?

Your love is so tender,
My heart is yours I surrender.
I will love you like no other.
Let's love one another.

You are my Queen,
I'm a machine.
I'll be the best,
That you've ever seen.

I found you at last,
All the time that has passed.
Get this love going,
I hate not knowing.
Where this life leads.
And all of your needs.

Our love is on track,
Let's fill in the cracks.

Keep it real
Keep it new,
And I'll still
Love You.

By Danny Shaw

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